History of the palace

History of the von Mitzlaff

and von Schwerdtner families,

owners of the Großendorf estate

in Landkreis Stolp in Hinternpommern

written by Christina Brigitta Schwerk-von Schwerdtner for her sisters Mechthild, Ega and Angelika

Großendorf was the property of the Mitzlaff family, brought into the von Schwerdtner house by my paternal grandmother Brigitta von Schwerdtner (née von Mitzlaff). The Mitzlaffs are a Pomeranian noble family from Landkreis Stolp (now Słupsk county), mentioned in documents as far back as the 14th century. Over the centuries, they many times held the office of the mayor of Stolp and were senior military officers already during the Thirty Years’ War and later served in Prussian and Swedish forces. Their original estate was Karzin (now Karzcino), west of Stolp, but they also bought and sold numerous other properties in the Stolp county. The Karzin estate later ended up with the Bonins, another well-established Pomeranian family, who were very closely related to the Mitzlaffs.

Siostry Schwerk-von Schwerdtner

In the summer of 2019, the current palace owners hosted the entire von Schwerdtner family, including the four sisters  who had lived there as little girls: From the right: Angelika (born 1944), Ega (1941), the writer of this account Christina (1934) and Mechthild (1939).

History - Family history
Pałac pod Dębem
Pałac pod Dębem
Pałac pod Dębem
Twenty three years ago, when the palace was already condemned for demolition, it was purchased by its current owner.
Today, he and his daughter make sure that the memories of this place are preserved.

See you soon

in Pałac pod Dębem

We will be extremely pleased to host you in this unique location, where the past meets the present. We invite you to visit one of the most beautiful regions of Pomerania, a land where you can freely breathe and inhale fresh air.